About BT&T

What makes us tick?

Our philosophy

We want to make the brainpower of the Romanian IT engineers accessible abroad. However, without the engineers having to leave their beautiful home country. Brains without a brain-drain, so to say. This benefits our engineers, their families, the country of Romania and last but not least: you.

Developing in Romania

There are a number of very good reasons to do software development in Romania. First of all there are many highly skilled developers in Romania. Our developers have strong language skills with the vast majority being fluent in English and many speaking Italian or French; both Latin languages like Romanian. Another advantage is that Romania is close to Western Europe which makes it easy to reach. The time difference is negligible so there is no need to account for that in day to day operations. Also, the salaries and cost of living in Romania compare favourably with Western Europe which make working in Romania a cost-effective option. And finally, Romania is a beautiful country with many friendly people.

hours travel from most European cities
IT&C graduates per year
IT&C engineers

Our work

Most of our customers have been with us for many years. Below are short descriptions of projects we have completed for them in the past.

Integrating Skype for Business on a web site

Making functionality of Skype for Business client such as setting presence state, answering-, dialing- and transferring calls available from within a web application. Evaluating technical options, discussing with stakeholders and implementing the solution.


  • Skype for Business APIs
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • NET