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What we offer

BT&T offers a variety of services, ranging from the development of web applications to development of mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and nearshoring of software development.

One or more full-time developers

The size of the team will depend on your needs and the amount of time that is involved.

Skills and experience

Based on complexity and technology we will match one or more developers to your project.

Our expertise throughout the project

You don’t hire just ‘programming power’ – we’ll provide our (management) expertise in all stages of the development process.

Don’t waste time

One of the main advantages of hiring an external team of developers is that you don’t have to go out and recruit the right people for your project.

Get a running start

Another key advantage of outsourcing: you hire a team with a running start. Team members already know each other and can start working productively from day 1.

Reduced cost

Operational costs are lower in Romania. But on top of that you’ll optimize your investment by working with an existing team only for the duration required.

How we work


We adapt to our customers so our working methodology is adapted to you. Preferably, we help you out by providing a team of software developers (and optionally testers, designers and other competencies) which will be part of your local team. We are keen on agile methodologies such as scrum. The frequent communication and focus on the goal ensures the remote team integrates well and doesn’t steer away from the objective. In addition, we have local presence in The Netherlands allowing for frequent face to face communication and propagation of information to our office in Romania.


Our developers are pro-active and constantly evaluate their actions and priorities with your goal in mind. You do not have to constantly assign tasks or fear for time being wasted on the wrong issues. Our communication facilities allow for frequent one-on-one sessions and we also have dedicated space for group video conferences. Occasional real-world interaction is inevitable and with Bucharest only a few hours away from Western-Europe also very achievable. Our centrally located office is always open for your visits. Also, all our developers can visit your location which in most cases is considered a perk.

Costs Aware

Our fees are very transparent and ensure you can see a direct cost reduction. There are no other costs besides the fees we charge unless specific software or hardware needs to be acquired. In most cases a developer will be assigned exclusively to one project and thus will always be at your disposal.

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